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It is now possible to create and sell NFTs directly on Shopify

by Patricia

Thanks to the Venly application, it is now possible to create and sell your NFTs hosted on Polygon (MATIC) or Avalanche (AVAX) on your Shopify shop.

An integrated solution for NFTs on Shopify

Non-fungible token (NFT) creators now have an all-in-one solution to create and sell their collections directly from their Shopify shop. This is made possible by the Venly application, which offers a complete solution from creation to sale, without the need to know anything about smart contract programming.

The NFTs in question can be deployed on Polygon (MATIC), or Avalanche (AVAX) :

In a way, Venly’s philosophy is to simplify the concept of NFT to the point of breaking down the technical barriers:

“With our app, listing NFT is similar to regular Shopify products. Choose the name, set the inventory and price, then list it as you normally would. “

In addition, Venly allows you to set up a “mint on demand” option, which allows NFTs to be created with each sale. As with most NFT platforms, it will also be possible to receive royalties on each resale on the secondary market up to a maximum of 10%.

An important signal for the democratisation of the sector

If the creation of NFTs has already been greatly simplified by giants such as OpenSea, the possibility of transposing this to platforms better known by the general public such as Shopify is a strong signal in terms of democratisation.

On the other hand, the customer does not necessarily need to have great skills in cryptocurrencies to buy NFTs via this solution. Indeed, it is possible to pay directly by credit card, and an email is then sent with the necessary instructions regarding the wallet holding the non-fungible token purchased.

To receive payments in cryptocurrencies, sellers can choose to add Coinbase Commerce to their online shop. In addition, it should be noted that credit card payments via Stripe can also be automatically converted into Bitcoin (BTC), since the company integrated OpenNode services in spring 2022.

On the Shopify side, it is the collaboration with the Strike wallet in April last year that will also allow payments to be received directly from the Lightning Network.

All of these solutions, in addition to popular tools such as Shopify, are slowly bringing cryptocurrencies into the mainstream, making it easier to access the ecosystem.

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