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Fusionist: an autonomous gaming ecosystem based on its own blockchain

by Thomas

Discover Fusionist, a Web3 gaming ecosystem offering different game modes with visual and gameplay quality recognized by the Japanese press. In a futuristic universe where the law of the strongest reigns, build your camp and fight other players with your Mechs, fighting robots with unique abilities. A new beta kicks off on November 22, and we explain everything in this article.

Fusionist, a rich Web3-style gaming ecosystem

Will blockchain gaming finally be able to compete with more traditional video games? In any case, Fusionist is taking up the challenge with its autonomous ecosystem based on 3 different types of gameplay, all with dynamic and varied graphics and its own blockchain.

To achieve this, Fusionist relies on 3 distinct video games:

  • Colonize: this is a simulation and construction game, where the extraction of materials will be necessary to expand and survive. Thanks to the various resources available on the planets, players will have to use strategy to build up a real technological and industrial empire in order to design “Mechs”, combat robots that can fight battles to expand their territory;
  • Conquer: this is the Fusionist game based on a turn-based combat system. Once again, strategy is absolutely essential if you hope to defeat your enemies;
  • Unite: this is an exploration game, more focused on capturing territories.

Whichever video game you play, Fusionist lets you play as a “Mech Commander”, a giant fighting robot whose role is to extend its supremacy across the galaxy, where thousands of rival players are battling it out.

This vast ecosystem integrates a gameplay where players will have to combine resource exploitation, structure building, technological development, robot manufacturing and battleships in order to come out on top in all their battles.

Fusionist is the product of a team of video game veterans, with the 3 creators each boasting over a decade’s experience in the industry, notably at renowned studios such as Moonton, The 9 and Tencent. The idea is to create a high-quality video game while making use of blockchain technology to create an unparalleled experience :

“At present, no “Play-to-Earn” game reaches the quality of a true AAA game with simple but addictive gameplay and state-of-the-art graphics. Fusionist aims to change this by creating games that feature expertly designed gameplay, graphics and pacing suited to Esport competition and viewing.”

From Fusionist’s Medium blog

The Web3 aspect comes into its own at Fusionist with its “Galactic Marketplace”, which offers players the chance to exchange their harvested materials for FPCs, the game’s virtual currency.

At the same time, the game’s Mechs and planets – the core elements of Fusionist – are both hosted on the Endurance blockchain in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT), ensuring players’ immutable ownership of them.

A world based on Endurance, a blockchain dedicated to Fusionist

For total transparency, Fusionist is based on its own layer 2, called Endurance. A decentralized evolution of Alpha Prestige, a database responsible for redistributing rewards to over 130,000 players, Endurance stores players’ feats of arms thanks to its Bound On-Chain Achievement Token (BOAT) system, which we’ll be detailing later in this article.

At the time of writing, almost 9 million blocks have been finalized on Endurance, for almost 1.9 million registered addresses and over 117 million transactions. With an average block finalization time of 3 seconds, Endurance promises total scalability to accommodate future Fusionist players.

It is also thanks to Endurance that ACE, Fusionist’s utility token, can exist. Last but not least, Endurance was created not just to host Fusionist, but for all future games in this ecosystem, and even to support those of its partners.

An economy built around ACE, Endurance’s native token

The ACE token enables players to earn rewards based on their activity on the platform. As such, they have the opportunity to claim ACE tokens at regular intervals after completing various activities within the game.

Currently, ACE tokens can be earned in 6 different ways according to the following slots:

  • Ace Foundation (Free): Claim every 24 hours;
  • Ace Pump : Claim every 12h ;
  • Fusion (Cost: 500 Alpha Pts): Claim every 24h;
  • Alpha Prestige (cost: NFT): Claim every 24h;
  • Quartan Rewards (cost: NFT): Claim every 24h;
  • Bi-Mech (cost: NFT): Claim every 72h.

As you can see from the screenshot below, ACE tokens are distributed to players via different liquidity pools that update over fixed 24-hour periods. So, if one of the pools is emptied before it is refreshed, it will no longer be possible for players to collect ACE tokens in this way. Tokens can be collected on the dedicated Endurance page

The tokenomics of the ACE token will be published soon by Fusionist, but be aware that the total supply of this token is set at 147 million tokens.

BOAT, Fusionist’s on-chain rewards badges

Alongside its ACE tokens, Fusionist offers a rewards system based on BOATs, loyalty badges representing players’ achievements. These are divided into Loyalty, Activity, Contribution, Social and Added Value categories.

Fusionist BOAT tokens are non-transferable and non-exchangeable, so earning them depends entirely on players’ achievements. BOATs offer numerous benefits to their holders, such as access to in-game exclusives, airdrops and increased ACE token earnings.

BOATs can be acquired by players via their ACE tokens once they have completed the necessary tasks. They can then proudly display their BOATs as a sign of distinction and renown

The new Fusionist beta starts today, Wednesday 22nd November

Following the success of its first beta, which took place with a reduced number of players, Fusionist plans to welcome 3,000 people this time. For this occasion, Fusionist’s various game modes will benefit from a graphical overhaul, new classes will be playable with, of course, new spells, and many other new features.

For this beta, which takes place exclusively in player-versus-player mode, 30,000 NFT dollars and 30,000 ACE tokens are up for grabs by participants.

This beta takes place on the Steam platform, after 3,000 codes have been distributed via the Expedition 3.0 game and various operational activities. But don’t worry, Fusionist is always coming up with new ways to take part in its games. To get one of the keys to future betas, we invite you to follow Fusionist on X so you don’t miss out.

At the same time, Japan’s famous video game magazine Famitsu gave Fusionist a 9/10 rating for gameplay and visual quality, an exception in the Web3 gaming world. Indeed, until now, the video game world has generally struggled to reconcile graphic quality and blockchain.

And this quality had been presaged by Binance Labs and Fun Plus, who led an initial funding round of $6.6 million to support Fusionist. More recently, Fusionist closed 2 rounds of financing totalling $5 million to develop its ecosystem.

Finally, Fusionist teams are preparing new products for their video game roadmap, including the introduction of layer 2 and portfolios entirely dedicated to Endurance. In addition, Fusionist plans to develop new games to complement Endurance, in collaboration with a South Korean game development company

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