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Ethereum Name Service (ENS) may soon offer its own layer 2

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A breakthrough to layer 2? Decentralized address service Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is considering launching its own second-layer solution, according to a report. What would this mean for


Ethereum Name Service in the midst of layer 2 research

Khori Whittaker, Executive Director of Ethereum Name Service (ENS), revealed the company’s ambitions in an interview with CoinTelegraph. According to him, ENS teams are currently determining whether they will integrate an external layer 2, or build one from scratch:

“We’re doing a lot of research and development into layer 2 applications. So I think this year you’ll see some tangible results from this research phase.

In what way? Perhaps with a second-layer solution made in ENS. Should the development teams choose to go for a well-known name, however, the most likely candidate would be Optimism. The decision hasn’t yet been made, but it’s certain that ENS is working on integrating a layer 2 this year.

ENS in search of recognition

According to Khori Whittaker, however, Ethereum Name Service faces limitations in terms of its scope. It is therefore necessary for the protocol to find ways of making itself known:

“We’re sort of dependent on builders and developers to build things and then promote them. […] We need to integrate other major institutions, like we did with GoDaddy. “

Recently, Ethereum Name Service has indeed announced a major partnership with hosting provider GoDaddy. ENS users can now associate their Ethereum addresses with a DNS domain name:

According to Khori Whittaker, it’s also important for the crypto ecosystem to shed its reputation, showing its relevance to the everyday life of the general public:

“Crypto is still in this kind of weird zone for most people. All they hear are bits of news about scandals and token prices going up and down. “

The executive director of Ethereum Name Service therefore envisions a future where blockchain-related services will be integrated into the daily lives of many people, beyond cryptocurrencies.

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