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Justin Sun teams up with Hans Zimmer to create… An anthem for the Tron (TRX) community

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An unexpected addition to Tron… Justin Sun, creator of the TRX blockchain, has announced a collaboration with renowned composer Hans Zimmer. The result will be a musical anthem dedicated to the community.

Hans Zimmer creates anthem for Tron

The news was announced on X by an enthusiastic Justin Sun. Asserting that “the future of music is NOW”, he unveiled a partnership with renowned composer Hans Zimmer. Zimmer is responsible for many classic film soundtracks, including Gladiator, The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean.

“I’m delighted to be partnering with the legendary Hans Zimmer to create the TRON anthem. It’s an unprecedented fusion of music and blockchain. “

As is often the case, Justin Sun won’t be caught dead in modesty. The album cover insists on the collaboration between the two names, and implies that the founder of TRON would have participated in the creation of the track:

“TRON’s anthem is an innovative collaboration between legendary composer Hans Zimmer and blockchain visionary Justin Sun. “

Pure “Zimmer “

Although the work claims to be a fusion of blockchain and music, so far only a YouTube video has been offered on the TRON DAO channel, and we haven’t seen any particular connection with the technology.

As for the track itself, it’s pure “Zimmerism”. It features many of the composer’s classics: string crescendos, atmospheric choruses and a strong rhythmic pattern, among others. The music evokes space operas, space video games and innovative science-fiction technologies

We don’t know whether Justin Sun paid for the project out of his own pocket, but it’s likely that he reached into his wallet to secure the services of Hans Zimmer. As is often the case, the wishes and announcements of the controversial creator of Tron are whimsical. But there’s no doubt that the TRX community, often distinguished by its passion, will appreciate the gift.

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