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FTX: agent managing remaining client funds under attack

by Thomas

FTX’s bankruptcy proceedings, and the trial that awaits Sam Bankman-Fried, have uncovered significant management flaws for FTX. And there’s more to come? Kroll, the claims agent that manages the redistribution of customer funds, has just been attacked. What do we know about it?

FTX’s customer claims agent under attack

The news was announced by FTX early this morning. In a brief statement, the platform confirms that the Kroll claims agent has experienced an attack targeting certain customer data:

“FTX has learned that Kroll, the bankruptcy-related claims agent, experienced a cybersecurity incident that compromised non-sensitive customer data of certain claimants. “

Since last July, former FTX users have been able to connect to Kroll’s platform to claim their blocked funds. The portal, which will remain operational until 29 September, is designed to collect claims from aggrieved customers. In total, 10 billion dollars are owed to customers.

Damaged customers suffer data breach

FTX confirms that customers affected by this attack will be notified by Kroll, and advised on what steps to take to protect the rest of their data. The platform also states that FTX accounts and associated passwords are not affected, as the attack was aimed solely at Kroll.

For its part, Kroll says that the incident was quickly contained and eliminated, and that the company is continuing to monitor developments. It urges users to maintain a high level of vigilance with regard to scams. In recent weeks there has been an increase in the number of fake accounts posing as FTX’s complaints service.

This is also an opportunity to remind users that ‘self-hosted’ wallets are the only secure way to guarantee continuous access to their funds, and their use is therefore particularly recommended.

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