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Coinbase Pay integrates Ledger Live – Cryptocurrency transfer and purchase simplified

by Tim

Ledger, the leader in hardware wallets, has announced a partnership with Coinbase, the world’s 2nd largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. This alliance aims to improve the user experience as well as strengthen security when purchasing cryptos. What’s new?

Coinbase joins Ledger Live as a service provider

Ledger, the French company behind the most purchased hardware wallets on the market, has announced a partnership with Coinbase, adding the exchange to its list of providers for cryptocurrency purchases.

By accessing the Ledger Live app on your phone or computer, you can purchase cryptocurrencies from external companies that send the acquired funds directly to the addresses in your hardware wallet. Now, it’s possible to use Coinbase for this crypto purchase option.

The integration of Coinbase as a provider on Ledger Live enables funds to be received directly on a non-custodial wallet, avoiding the need to pass through a centralized entity, Coinbase, before being transferred to a wallet.

This removes a step in the cryptocurrency purchase process, making the user experience simpler, smoother and more secure.

On the occasion, Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer at Ledger, said:

“Coinbase and Ledger have been two of the only companies in the crypto-currency space for over a decade, and it’s already clear that we share both values and customers. “

He adds:

“Ledger and Coinbase are focused on making cryptocurrencies easier to use and safer for consumers. Now, Coinbase users can easily buy crypto-currencies directly via Ledger Live, and Ledger users can easily buy with Coinbase. Ledger is proud to offer this experience to Coinbase customers and this option to Ledger users through this partnership. “

Once again, Coinbase consolidates its monopoly and becomes an almost unavoidable player. In addition to being the 2nd most liquid exchange behind Binance, Coinbase is also the only cryptocurrency exchange whose shares are listed on the US stock exchange, as well as the custodian for 9 of the 11 Bitcoin spot ETFs approved in January 2024.

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