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The blockchain pro sector is exploding – How to join the movement?

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As the general public’s interest in the world of crypto-currencies grows, jobs in the blockchain sector are booming. Faced with this craze, solutions have been developed such as Alyra, a French school certifying in blockchain. An option to consider for all those wishing to join the professional world of blockchain.

How is the blockchain market doing today

For several years now, blockchain-related professions have been on the rise. The figures speak for themselves: job offers related to Bitcoin (BTC), blockchain and more generally to cryptocurrency-related jobs have seen a 395% increase in the US in 2021 compared to the previous year, according to LinkedIn.

More broadly, there has been a general increase in recruitment across all technology-related occupations, but the growth in the number of blockchain-related jobs has been four times the underlying trend over the same period.

Among the most popular jobs in this field are blockchain developers and engineers, positions that require an appetite for programming and a comprehensive understanding of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Already in 2020, a study by PwC reported a multiplication of blockchain projects in traditional companies as well as a significant increase in investments in this sector. The report revealed that companies are investing an average of €1 million in their blockchain projects.

According to another of its studies, PwC predicts that blockchain-related technologies will contribute to an increase of $1,760 billion in global GDP by 2030, including $58.5 billion for France.

Finally, in France alone, 500,000 new jobs could be created by the end of the next decade.

Why does blockchain promise jobs for the future?

Not only are blockchain jobs the fastest growing, they also pay better than average. In France, for example, an entry-level blockchain developer can earn more than 44,000 euros a year, and this can rise to around 90,000 euros.

Moreover, if a developer is willing to go abroad to work, this salary is likely to increase. Moreover, most of the time, this type of job is offered remotely so that recruiters can find young talents all around the world more easily.

The United States is still considered the “cradle of blockchain” and offers some of the most attractive salaries in the sector. For example, in 2021, the median salary for a blockchain developer was $175,000, compared to just over $100,000 for a traditional developer.

Why such a difference? Simply because blockchain is a booming niche technology and a huge number of companies are entering the sector. And because the sector is still new, there are currently few certified training courses. Most of today’s blockchain developers are self-taught and were already developers in the past but wanted to evolve.

In short, the demand in this sector is much greater than the available supply, and this is why blockchain-related professions have a bright future ahead of them.

How to train for blockchain jobs

However, in view of the success of these professions, solutions are being created, like Alyra, a French school specialising in the blockchain professions.

The Alyra school offers 3 different courses structured to provide all the knowledge and methods necessary for the learner to evolve serenely in the field of blockchain.

It should be noted that if you are an employee, job seeker or self-employed, you can use the balance of your training account (CPF) to finance the Alyra training of your choice. As such, you can find the blockchain consultant, Ethereum blockchain developer and decentralised finance training courses directly on the CPF website.

The learner will benefit from lifetime access to the platforms and servers they discover during their training. In addition, Alyra offers a “Satisfied or your money back” solution for 7 days

The blockchain consultant training

This training is for anyone interested in blockchain who would like to help companies in their transition to this technology.

Requiring no basic skills, the consultant training allows to sweep the fundamentals of the ecosystem and the concrete use cases of the blockchain.

Much more than simple courses, Alyra offers a complete and evolving training with the participation of various actors of the ecosystem. At the end of this training, the certified student will be able to lead a blockchain innovation project within an organisation and ensure its long-term development.

The trainer of the blockchain consultant course is Bastien Ebalard, blockchain expert and professor at Kedge Business School.

  • Total duration of the course: 12 weeks ;
  • Training hours: 96 hours, i.e. 8 hours/week;
  • Training cost: €3996.40.

The blockchain developer training

Here, the blockchain developer training course focuses on the concrete implementation of the various skills acquired by the learner during his training.

Aimed at profiles that have already mastered the basics of computer development, this training will enable the student to master the technical stack of Web3 development, to create smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) and to build a decentralised application (dApp).

The blockchain developer training is continuously updated with new content and is punctuated by discussions with experts and professionals in the field, all complemented by an online learning platform accessible at all times.

At the end of the course, the student will have learned to master development tools such as Truffle, a reference tool for writing and testing smart contracts, or development environments such as Hardhat, and will finally benefit from training on the Solidity language.

  • Total duration of training: 12 weeks ;
  • Training hours: 120 hours, i.e. 10 hours/week;
  • Training cost: €3996.40.

Decentralised Finance Training (DeFi)

This unique course provides an opportunity to learn about the vast world of decentralised finance from recognised experts, enabling students to participate in building the financial ecosystem of tomorrow.

The courses on decentralised finance are enriched by 48 hours of live interviews with industry professionals, more than 65 hours of videos and over 400 knowledge tests.

These professionals include Marc Zeller, lead integrator for the Aave protocol, Bastien Ebalard, a professor at Kedge Business School, and Brice Berdah, the creator of the DeFi France movement and working for Paraswap.

For the first time, it is possible, thanks to a certified training course, to cover all the points of decentralised finance, starting with an understanding of its genesis, the functioning of its environment (Ethereum, smart contracts, DAO, etc.), the functioning of a wallet, yield strategies, and many other things.

At the end of the course, the learner will be able to present an innovative project on decentralised finance and defend it in front of a jury of experts.

  • Total duration of the course: 12 weeks ;
  • Training hours: 96 hours, i.e. 8 hours/week;
  • Training cost: €3996.40.

Conclusion on employment in blockchain and Alyra

Do you want to work in the blockchain industry, but don’t think you have the necessary skills? According to a study by the French Federation of Blockchain Professionals (FFPB), 56% of blockchain professionals do not have initial training in this field.

Moreover, Alyra offers an optional refresher course before the start of its training courses, an opportunity to start on a solid foundation. Beyond the theoretical courses and their real application, Alyra offers a real follow-up of the student to ensure his chances of success.

As the blockchain ecosystem is constantly evolving, the documentation provided by Alyra for its training courses is constantly updated, and the school’s students have lifetime access to it.

Finally, 90% of students who have completed one of the courses offered by Alyra have found a job in this sector within six months of their training.

If you would like to know more about Alyra, we have previously written a complete presentation of the school and all the services it offers.

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