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OneCoin case: ‘CryptoQueen’ Ruja Ignatova was allegedly murdered in 2018

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The OneCoin affair, and the escape of one of the masterminds of the scam Ruja Ignatova, had inflamed the crypto community in 2017. But it seems that the fugitive has been caught up unawares. Bulgarian investigators are indeed claiming that the “CryptoQueen” was murdered in 2018.

Ruja Ignatova is believed to have died since 2018

The information was revealed following the publication of documents related to another case. Bulgarian journalists from Bird were indeed able to look into information collected following a corruption case and a related murder. They reveal that CryptoQueen Ruja Ignatova was allegedly murdered on the orders of a drug baron, Christophoros Amanaditi, or Taki. The links between the two were already established, but these new documents shed light on one of the most enduring mysteries of the cryptocurrency world.

The murderer is believed to be one of Ignatova’s associates, but was not named in the report. The murder is said to have taken place on Christophoros Amanaditi’s yacht, and the culprits are said to have disposed of the body in the Ionian Sea. The woman who was nicknamed “CryptoQueen” was believed to be on the run since 2017, and was added to the FBI’s 10 most wanted list last summer

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