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Ford is getting into the metaverse – what could it look like?

by Thomas

The carmaker Ford seems intent on getting into the blockchain and metaverse, if a recent trademark filing is to be believed. What might its future look like

Ford and the metaverse: a story that’s just beginning

The move was noted by Mike Kondoudis, a trademark specialist. He reported that Ford has registered 19 trademarks for several of its products and specialties:

If we look at these “trademarks”, we see that Ford intends to transpose some of its models into the metaverse. Ford confirms that it will offer “virtual cars, SUVs, trucks and vans, vehicle parts and accessories, and apparel”. The filings mention “non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and collectible digital objects”.

Future NFTs marketplace

Ford will reportedly offer a marketplace in the metaverse, where enthusiasts can obtain brand-related items certified as NFTs. The manufacturer also mentions “computer programs” that will allow access to “virtual worlds”.

Information is of course scarce, as Ford has not officially communicated on its entry into the metaverse. It should also be noted that these deposits are only a first step which does not necessarily indicate a final project.

The move is, however, in line with other companies in the automotive sector that have been working on blockchain in recent years. Last July, we learned that Mercedes-Benz was launching on Polygon. The same month, the luxury carmaker Lamborghini also showed interest in the subject. The possible arrival of Ford in the metaverse is therefore particularly symbolic, and continues this basic trend.

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