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Ethereum (ETH): the new Holešky testnet will replace Goerli

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From September, Ethereum will have a new testnet called Holešky to replace Goerli. What are the special features of this new network?

The Ethereum testnet Holešky is set to replace Goerli

To allow developers to test their applications, as well as future updates to the blockchain, Ethereum (ETH) has several testnets. Goerli is one of them, in operation since 2019, and it will soon be replaced by a new network called Holešky.

Indeed, some of the Ethereum developers announced this this week, and Holešky’s launch date was not chosen at random, as it is 15 September, marking the first anniversary of The Merge.

So, this new testnet will be used for everything to do with the very heart of the Ethereum machine, while Sepolia, which will continue to operate until 2026, is more dedicated to testing applications:

Holešky will replace Goerli as a staking, infrastructure and protocol development testnet in 2023. To test decentralised applications, smart contracts and other EVM features, please use Sepolia!”

Holešky is expected to be in use until 2028 and network tests prior to its commissioning have been carried out with 1.4 million validators. In addition, 1.6 billion dummy ETH are expected to be generated on the testnet at launch.

It is also interesting to note that Holešky’s GitHub page indicates that the execution layer and consensus layer could be launched in their Cancún and Deneb versions respectively, which corresponds to a version of Ethereum introducing Danksharding.

For the record, the name of this testnet refers to a station in the city of Prague, and 17,000, its ‘chain ID’, corresponds to the postcode where the station is located:

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