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El Salvador plans to open a “Bitcoin (BTC) Embassy” in Texas to encourage its adoption

by Tim

Texas, which recently saw a very pro-Bitcoin (BTC) bill pass through its legislature, is expected to soon see a “Bitcoin Embassy” set up in the country. The news was revealed by El Salvador’s ambassador to the United States, who spoke with the deputy secretary of government of Texas. A partnership that shows promise for Bitcoin adoption.

El Salvador wants to develop Bitcoin in Texas

Milena Mayorga, El Salvador’s ambassador to the United States, revealed via Twitter that she had spoken with Joe Esparza, the deputy secretary of the Texas government, about “expanding trade and economic projects” between the two states, but especially about opening a “Bitcoin embassy.

The project aims to expand the adoption of Bitcoin in Texas in a similar way to the partnership previously established between El Salvador and the city of Lugano, Switzerland, last October. This collaboration, which included the establishment of a local-scale payment network via the Lightning Network, was further supported by the giant Tether as part of its “₿ Plan”.

This announcement about the likely establishment of a Bitcoin embassy in Texas echoes a very recent bill proposed in the US state providing for a “master plan for the expansion of the blockchain industry”.

Among many other proposals, this bill aims to allow the purchase of products and services using Bitcoin without any fees. Better still, the possibility of the state of Texas gaining exposure to Bitcoin is also mentioned in the bill.

The mining business, which is already largely concentrated in Texas – on an American scale – should also be promoted through new training courses for students to acquire various technical skills in the coming months.

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