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Binance/FTX war: Changpeng Zhao rejects Alameda Research’s peace offer

by Patricia

It’s a no go. The CEO of FTX’s trading company, Alameda Research, offered Changpeng Zhao to buy FTT tokens from Binance. However, Zhao refused to do so. Tensions continue to rise between Binance and FTX, how far will this go

Changpeng Zhao won’t sell FTT to Alameda Research

Caroline Elison, the CEO of Alameda Research, waved a white flag yesterday. She offered Changpeng Zhao to buy Binance’s FTT tokens for $22 each, in order to limit the impact of liquidations on the market. But Binance’s CEO was not particularly keen to accept the offer, if his response is anything to go by:

“I think we’re going to stay in the open market. We still hold LUNA (now LUNC) today. “

Tensions that are still not easing

Binance’s plan is to gradually sell off its FTTs over the next few months. Changpeng Zhao tried to play it cool overnight, explaining on Twitter that he didn’t expect so many reactions to his announcement. But the words used earlier this week leave little room for doubt: the Binance CEO questioned the integrity of his rival:

“We will not support people lobbying against other industry players behind their backs. “

So the atmosphere remains particularly frosty between Binance and FTX. And this is likely to continue, if the trajectory of Sam Bankman-Fried’s platform’s FTT token is anything to go by. It plunged by more than 25% in a few minutes during the night. Binance has also been singled out.

And the bickering of “CZ” and “SBF” is having its consequences: the cryptocurrency market has plunged, in an uncertain macro context with the US midterms elections. The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen back below the $20,000 mark, which it had bravely managed to hold in recent days. We will therefore be watching for any future scuffles between Binance and FTX.

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