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MicroStrategy now holds $9.5 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC)

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As the price of Bitcoin confirms its upward trend, surpassing $50,000, MicroStrategy’s latent profit on its BTC continues to grow. It now stands at $3.5 billion, while the size of this position represents 78.5% of the company’s market capitalization. Let’s take a closer look at these figures

Bitcoin’s rise makes MicroStrategy’s latent profits on its BTCs explode

On Monday evening, the price of BTC once again surpassed the symbolic $50,000 mark, thereby seeming to confirm the upward trend that has cautiously taken hold over the space of a year. Beyond the fact that we’re now sailing in price zones we haven’t seen since December 2021, one company in particular is benefiting from Bitcoin’s good health: MicroStrategy.

Indeed, the company founded by Michael Saylor now sees all its Bitcoin holdings valued at over $9.5 billion, for a total of 190,000 BTC. Interestingly, this amount represents the equivalent of 78.5% of the group’s $12.1 billion market capitalization.

On February 6, Andrew Kang, MicroStrategy’s CFO, commented on the company’s constant replenishment when announcing the financial results for Q4 2023:

“We have acquired an additional 31,755 bitcoins since the end of Q3, marking the largest quarterly increase in bitcoin holdings in the last 3 years and the 13th consecutive quarter of additional bitcoins added to our balance sheet. “

For its part, the MSTR share continues to evolve in relative correlation with the BTC price. In recent weeks, the share price has risen from $440 to $717, continuing its upward trend after a temporary correction :

MicroStrategy share price in weekly chart

MicroStrategy share price in weekly chart

As Michael Saylor continues his pro-Bitcoin tweets, regardless of market sentiment, a few days ago he indicated that MicroStrategy was “a Bitcoin development company”. Earlier this week, he also invited investors to take a step back, observing that the asset was “still worth less than $0.05 million”:

On the occasion of BTC’s recent upward leg, MicroStrategy’s latent profit on its position amounts to $3.5 billion, while its average purchase price of the asset is $31,224.

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