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Microsoft collaborates with Ankr to offer node services to businesses

by Thomas

Lastly, the Ankr platform announced its collaboration with US IT giant Microsoft. The startup focused on blockchain infrastructure services will deploy its node services to enterprises via the Azure platform. The announcement came as a shock to its cryptocurrency (ANKR), whose price shot up in just a few minutes.

Ankr platform services coming to Microsoft

The Ankr platform, which specialises in Web3 solutions for developers and businesses, has just announced its new partnership with the international firm Microsoft. Thanks to this commercial alliance, it will offer companies access to information stored in blockchains through a node hosting service.

As a result of this joint effort, these services will be accessible via Microsoft’s Azure platform. Specialising in cloud computing solutions, it will provide millions of users with a gateway to blockchain infrastructure to:

  • Deploy blockchain nodes with customisable features;
  • Optimise data searches reliably and quickly across 12 blockchains;
  • Monitor blockchain performance anytime, anywhere across 38+ blockchains.

According to Ankr CEO Chandler Song, the partnership combines Microsoft’s expertise in cloud computing with Ankr’s focus on blockchain infrastructure services. In his words, the deal would be as prolific for large enterprises as it would be for the Web3 projects under construction:

The partnership, while an incredible step for Ankr, is also a key indicator of how far the decentralised web has come in integrating with critical players at every layer of web-related systems. The end result will be an extremely prolific era of development for blockchain-based applications, from new Web3 projects to large enterprises entering this universe. “

The ANKR token takes off

The moment Ankr announced its collaboration with Microsoft, the price of its token exploded upwards. In fifteen minutes, it went from $0.033 to $0.049, an increase of 48%. Since then, its price has stagnated between $0.045 and $0.050:

Figure 1 - Ankr Network (ANKR) token price over the last 24 hours

Figure 1 – Ankr Network (ANKR) token price over the last 24 hours

While the cryptocurrency market recently returned to its pre-FTX level a month ago, the ANKR token has just reached its highest price since August 2022. This sudden increase is explained by the gain in visibility obtained by the startup following its announcement.

For Ankr, the signing of an agreement with one of the most powerful economic players in the world serves as a guarantee of confidence to promote its activities internationally, thus favouring its development for the coming years.

For its part, Microsoft has been multiplying its operations in relation to the Web3 for several years in order to modernise its services and maintain its dominant position in the IT sector. As early as 2015, the American company approached ConsenSys in order to deploy a test environment for blockchain projects.

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