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cube3 : Curtain up on projects from the first class of the Web3 incubator

by Patricia

The Web3 start-up incubator and gas pedal, cube3, was officially inaugurated in Angers on Thursday October 19. On this occasion, CEO Valentin Demé unveiled the names of the first nuggets selected to receive support over the next 12 months. Here’s a look back at the event and what the entrepreneurs had to say

Angers celebrates the inauguration of cube3

On Thursday October 19, the city of Angers hosted the inauguration of cube3, one of Europe’s largest Web3 start-up incubators and gas pedals. More than 200 people gathered for the occasion around Valentin Demé, CEO of cube3, and his entire team.

cube3’s stated ambition is simple: to propel the next generation of Web3 nuggets and entrepreneurs. This inauguration was an opportunity to discover the first promotion of 15 projects that will benefit from 12 months of intensive support, and whose adventure officially began on October 9.

cube3 CEO Valentin Demé has made no secret of his ambition to make cube3 Europe’s leading start-up incubator and gas pedal. Interviewed by TCN, he looks back on the success of this inauguration evening, which brought together not only major Web3 players, but also local and national political representatives:

“The Web3 ecosystem and that of the local and national economic and political fabric were one and the same for this inauguration; it’s in this shared energy that the cube3 adventure must be built. “

cube3 shapes future Web3 nuggets

Decentralized finance (DeFi), NFT, or even tokenization of assets on blockchain, all the promising sectors of Web3 are represented within cube3. For example, Nemeos is one of the 20 companies incubated, and its CEO, François Hiault, shares his vision with us:

“Nemeos enables web3 applications to offer their users payment facilities (split payment, try before you buy, satisfied or reimbursed, etc.). Our ambition is to significantly improve users’ shopping experience, and thus contribute to the adoption of digital assets. “

Matthias Vallet, former president of the Kryptosphere association and now CEO of RUFIJI Capital, another project accelerated within cube3, underlines the importance of this collaboration with the Anjou incubator:

“cube3 offers us an environment that values innovation and growth, in perfect harmony with our ambition to offer the most effective digital asset management services. “

Oscar Dumant, a veteran of traditional finance and founder of Dowgo, also stresses the importance of cube3’s guidance in auditing and ensuring compliance of his protocol:

“After developing, testing and auditing our renewable energy tokenization technology, we’re looking forward to launching our Dowgo Energy platform to make investing in solar and wind infrastructure in Europe accessible to all. “

Other projects in this first class include Memori Connect, a blockchain-based solution for 100% guaranteeing and financing a deceased person’s last wishes, and Watch-Up, a tokenization solution for investing in the collectible watch market for all budgets.

Great partners and mentors

The young entrepreneurs will be supported by a team of partners and mentors made up of various well-known figures from the world of finance, entrepreneurship or cryptocurrencies, as Valentin Demé explains:

” From the idea phase to the revenue-generating business phase, from Angers to Asia via Brussels and Paris, cube3 is rich in talented entrepreneurs and solid projects. Twenty companies and projects on DeFi, NFTs, tokenization, and even Web2 companies launching into Web3 will be supported by our team, partners and mentors. “

These include Yvan de Lastours, Head of Web3 at BPI France, Faustine Fleuret, President of the Association pour le développement des actifs numériques (ADAN) and Owen Simonin (Hasheur), CEO and founder of Meria.

Valentin Demé adds that the entrepreneurs will also grow up “under the eye of the cameras, which will follow them along their journey, which will be recorded in the form of a series”

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