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Certhis, the ultra-simplified NFT collection creation tool for all

by Tim

Certhis is a decentralised solution that allows you to create, monitor and share your collections of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on your own website in a matter of minutes. With Certhis, brands and companies can easily deploy a collection of NFTs and add a multitude of utilities to it thanks to an extensive application marketplace. Find out how Certhis is helping businesses embrace Web3.

Create and monetize NFTs easily with Certhis

Certhis is a tool that allows anyone to create their own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in a few moments and publish it on their own website.

Mainly aimed at companies and creators, Certhis allows brands to expand their audience while building customer loyalty by publishing their NFT collections directly on their websites.

Certhis also has its own API, making its ecosystem completely open. This allows any developer to propose applications to the Certhis community.

Certhis also offers a multitude of ready-to-use and easy-to-use applications to provide a complete answer to the different needs of brands, whatever their sector of activity, by allowing them to integrate Web3 without any line of code.

Thanks to its numerous applications, Certhis makes it possible to create real loyalty programmes based on the purchase of an NFT, for example through the NFT Scanner application, offering access to exclusive physical events for their holders, or with the Web3mail application, which gives the creators of a collection the possibility of communicating with the holders of its NFTs.

More than ever, NFTs act as an innovative way to build community loyalty and allow their creators to collect a new source of revenue by developing a secondary market with which they can earn commissions.

As such, Certhis offers optimal integration with the largest website creation platforms such as WordPress or for an online shop hosted on Shopify. A simple way to stand out without having to use a third party platform.

For the first time, it is possible to integrate its real marketplace directly on its website in a simplified way thanks to Certhis. Thus, the brand’s customers can both mint exclusive NFTs, but also resell them in the same place.

Note that Certhis’ tools are compatible with the largest blockchains such as Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Avalanche (AVAX) or the NBB Chain.

Finally, the application offers a dashboard where you can find all the main information related to each collection as well as the general account data such as the defined royalty percentages and the wallet address where they should be transferred. Everything is designed to be accessible at the click of a button.

Figure 1: Overview of the Certhis dashboard

Figure 1: Overview of the Certhis dashboard

Who is the Certhis platform for?

Although anyone can use Certhis, some of its tools are mainly intended for professionals and their Web agencies. We will see together what these tools are and how they can bring a real added value to your brand.

No matter how you use Certhis, it will always be necessary to go through the application (currently in beta version) using a cryptocurrency wallet like MetaMask. No registration is required.

To brands and companies

Today, when you own a company or a brand and especially when your activity is present on the Internet, the addition of NFT brings a real added value both in terms of customer loyalty and innovation.

For this, Certhis offers a multitude of tools, in particular the possibility of implementing new sections on your site totally reserved for NFT holders. An NFT is also a full-fledged and unchangeable proof of authenticity, which is why it proves to be a significant advantage, especially if you own a physical point of sale.

With just a few clicks, you can generate as many collections and NFTs as you like. Then you can shape the features of the collection as you wish and define a royalty percentage for the resale of these.

Thanks to the Certhis application marketplace, it is also possible to define unique features for your collections, such as the possibility to create and distribute tokens or to offer the holders of your NFTs a chance to win prizes.

Figure 2: Examples of options available on an NFT collection

Figure 2: Examples of options available on an NFT collection

In addition, Certhis offers the first blockchain affiliate program to allow you to extend the reach of your brand. Whether it is for a web agency, your social networks or influencers, it is now possible to create an affiliate system for your NFTs so that the promoters of your project can earn a commission

For creators and artists

With Certhis’ all-in-one tool, you can create and develop your works as NFTs and import them directly on your site thanks to the integration modules or via a simple line of code to import.

Moreover, if you do not have a site to exhibit your creations, it will soon be possible to use and promote your collection page directly on Certhis.

With Certhis, you are free to create an infinite number of collections of NFTs by importing your own models and to choose the commission you will receive for each of them on the sales and resales made on the secondary market.

It will also soon be possible to showcase your collections via the Certhis Mint Explorer showcase to share them with your community. Soon, it will even be possible to display your most beautiful NFTs in a metaverse and convert them into 3D in one click.

If you feel like a fashion designer, you will even be able to sell your pieces in a virtual shop to dress your customers’ avatars.

Finally, thanks to the Certhis dashboard, you can monitor all your collections at a glance and see in real time the buying trends of your NFTs.

Our opinion on Certhis tools

With the growing success of online marketplaces, NFTs undoubtedly have an added value to bring to this flourishing sector. Whether it’s as an immutable proof of authenticity, as a collectible or as a pass offering certain exclusive benefits, NFTs are increasingly being embraced by brands and companies.

While it is not necessarily easy to confront these new technologies and even less to tame them, Certhis has developed an all-in-one solution allowing anyone, without any particular knowledge in any programming language, to appropriate Web3 to develop their business through NFTs.

The interest of Certhis is twofold: on the one hand, whether you are a professional or a creator, you are totally in control of your collection(s). You can, in a few minutes, create or import a collection of NFTs and integrate it on your website to promote it. What’s more, you get a totally new and unique way to promote your brand.

Importing NFTs onto a website has never been easier, just copy a single line of code or use a dedicated plug-in for the biggest online shopping platforms such as Shopify, Wix, or an online shop hosted on WordPress.

Moreover, Certhis is a totally decentralised solution: no registration is required, just connect via WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask. Its use is also totally free, the platform only takes a percentage of royalties on the sales of your collections.

Finally, Certhis is the first company to offer an NFT-based blockchain affiliate system to allow designers and companies to reward influencers and loyal community members with an exclusive commission.

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