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The dYdX blockchain crashes during a network upgrade – What do we know?

by Patricia

dYdX suffered a failure of its main blockchain during a scheduled upgrade this Monday, April 8. The outage has been ongoing since last night, and no fix is expected for several hours.

Engineers investigate dYdX


The blockchain of the decentralized derivatives exchange protocol dYdX crashed during a scheduled update in the morning. According to a report from dYdX, the outage has been in progress since around 8:50am and on-chain data shows that block production appears to have stopped shortly after this time. dYdX engineers are currently troubleshooting the problem.

According to the dYdX status page, this incident represents the first major failure of the protocol since its launch on the Cosmos blockchain in October 2023.

Status of the dYdX blockchain

Status of the dYdX blockchain

The dYdX blockchain was due to complete its v4.0.0 upgrade this morning, which could potentially disrupt some of the protocol’s functionality. Scheduled maintenance was completed at 8:30am, but the blockchain shut down 20 minutes later.

Network validators will meet in the afternoon

In a status update published at 9:21 UTC, the dYdX team stated that the problem was still under investigation and that it had been agreed that network validators would meet again at 17:00.

“This means that the developers won’t be offering a workaround or fix until then so that validators won’t be punished for not being online when the blockchain restarts. “

When a validator is “jailed”, this means that they are temporarily suspended from participating in network activities.

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