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StarkWare makes open source its “Zero Knowledge” technology for Ethereum (ETH)

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StarkWare, the developer of the StarkNet Ethereum (ETH) scaling solution, has announced that it is making the StarkNet Prover open source. This is the final step in making its entire “Zero Knowledge Rollups” technology open source

StarkWare makes its code open source

StarkWare, the developer of StarkNet and StarkEx solutions working to scale Ethereum (ETH), has announced that it will soon make its StarkNet Prover technology open source:

This initiative will allow more people to examine the code, which will help detect flaws and increase transparency. In addition, it has been welcomed by the community as an important step towards further decentralisation of StarkNet.

This will put STARK technology “in its rightful place as a public good to be used for the benefit of all,” said Eli Ben-Sasson, president and co-founder of StarkWare, at an event in Tel Aviv on Sunday. He also explained:

“This is a watershed moment for the scaling of Ethereum and, in a broader sense, for the cryptocurrency universe. “

The technology in question is currently known as STARK Prover and will be renamed Starknet Prover. It will then be licensed under an Apache 2.0 license, which will allow Web3 developers to copy and modify the source code of the software.

StarkWare to support Ethereum

It’s no secret that despite the move to Proof-Of-Stake, one of the biggest challenges of the Ethereum blockchain remains scalability. In other words, the ability of the blockchain to process transactions in real time as the number of applications and users increases.

As a result, StarkWare decided to develop a technology known as Zero-Knowledge Rollups. This consists very roughly of aggregating thousands of transactions off the main chain, and then only verifying them on it for a fraction of the cost.

StarkNet was launched on the Ethereum mainnet in November 2021 in alpha phase. Since then, the StarkWare team has been gradually releasing important parts of its technology, such as the Cairo programming language, to the public. Today’s decision is the final step in making all of StarkNet’s software open source.

For the record, StarkWare is valued at $8 billion following a final round of financing in 2022. Its StarkEx technology is used by well-known decentralised applications (dApps) such as Immutable X, Sorare or dYdX.

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