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Starknet reveals details of its STRK token airdrop – Are you eligible?

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Starknet reveals details of its STRK token airdrop, scheduled for February 20. With 700 million tokens at stake, the airdrop targets over 1.3 million eligible wallets, including active network users and Ether solo stakers. How to check your STRK token allocation for the Starknet airdrop

Starknet lifts the veil on its STRK token airdrop

The first quarter of 2024 continues to unveil its airdrops: after Jupiter (JUP), Dymension (DYM), MANTA and AltLayer (ALT), today Starknet, a layer 2 of the Ethereum blockchain (ETH), announces its distribution of STRK tokens.

With $181 million in total locked value (TVL), Starknet is a second-layer network based on ZK Rollups technology designed by Starkware. This is the same firm that develops StarkEx, a scalability solution used by Sorare, Immutable, dYdX and rhino.fi.

The Starknet Foundation has just unveiled the eligibility criteria for STRK token airdrop. Firstly, over 506,000 wallets are eligible as Starknet users, with 51.33% of the total allocation dedicated to this first airdrop, set at 700 million STRK tokens.

The eligibility criteria are as follows:

“Users who made more than five transactions in total up to November 15, 2023, were active for three months or more, made transactions worth $100 or more, and had 0.005 ETH or more in their account on November 15, 2023, are eligible for Provisions. “

Criteria that annoyed many Internet users, some of whom were denied airdrop simply because they didn’t have 0.005 ETH on their wallet at the time of the snapshot, even though they sometimes had several thousand dollars’ worth of cryptocurrencies placed in pools on Starknet at the same time.

STRK token allocations distributed by Starknet by category

STRK token allocations distributed by Starknet by category

In total, 1.3 million wallets are eligible for STRK token airdrop in all categories. In addition to the users mentioned above, Ether solo stakers, developers and various projects taking place on Starknet are also eligible for STRK token distribution.

StarkEx users are also eligible according to their activity on Sorare, dYdX, ImmutableX or rhino.fi on the basis of the following criteria:

“All StarkEx users who have completed at least eight transactions before June 1, 2022 are eligible for Provisions. “

How to check your potential eligibility for this airdrop?

Although the STRK token won’t be distributed until February 20, it’s already possible to find out whether or not you’re eligible for this airdrop of STRK tokens by Starknet.

The one and only link to check this is the one provided by Starknet, on the official portal dedicated to this purpose.

We remind you that, as with all airdrops, malicious individuals take advantage of the general craze to share fraudulent links on social networks, particularly X, by inviting users to visit phishing sites. Please be particularly vigilant in this respect, and only use links shared by official accounts

According to the Starknet Foundation press release, STRK tokens not claimed for this first distribution will be placed in a pool and distributed at a later date.

As for the STRK token’s usefulness, it will be implemented as a gas token, and can be staked, in particular to participate in governance votes concerning the evolution of the Starknet network.

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