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Router: how to qualify for this cross-chain protocol’s airdrop?

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Router Protocol is a project that aims to transform Internet routing using blockchain technology. But how can you be eligible for the next Router Protocol airdrop?

What is Router Protocol?

Router Protocol is an ambitious protocol that aims to revolutionize Internet routing by making it more decentralized, secure and efficient. The project is based on blockchain technology and proposes a utility token, the ROUTE, which will enable users to participate in the network and earn rewards.

Internet routing is a complex process that enables data to flow from point A to point B. It is currently controlled by a small number of companies and organizations, which can lead to centralization and security problems.

Router Protocol offers an alternative solution by creating a decentralized routing network. This network will be managed by “routers”, validators who will be responsible for data transfer.

What are the advantages of Router Protocol?

Router Protocol offers several advantages over traditional routing systems:

  • Security: blockchain technology guarantees data security and integrity;
  • Decentralization: the network is controlled by users, making it more resistant to censorship and hacking;
  • Performance: the network is designed to be more efficient than traditional systems. Costs are reduced and performance improved.

The ROUTE is a governance token that allows users to participate in the Router network. Users can use the ROUTE token to:

  • Become a “router”: users have to stake ROUTE tokens to become a network validator and earn rewards;
  • Participate in the network: ROUTE holders will be able to take part in network governance by voting on proposals to improve the project;
  • Pay fees: network fees will be paid in ROUTE.

The company raised $4 million in 2022 from investors including Coinbase Ventures, Alameda Research, QCP, Polygon, and Wintermute.

How to qualify for Router Protocol’s airdrop?

Router Nitro, Router Protocol’s flagship cross-chain bridge, offers a dynamic and attractive way to earn rewards from your transactions.

With “carrots” as loyalty points, you can unlock various benefits and privileges within the Router Nitro ecosystem. Here’s a complete overview of how you can collect and use your carrots:

1. Carrots: your farming points

On Router Nitro, carrots represent your farming points and will be converted into ROUTE tokens when you airdrop. Different types of action allow you to accumulate points and therefore future ROUTE tokens:

  • Bridge transactions: every time you perform a bridge transaction with Router Nitro, you earn carrots. It’s simple: the more transactions you make, the more carrots you earn;
  • Referral bonus: invite a friend and you’ll be rewarded with 50% of the carrots they earn on their first transaction. There’s no limit to the number of friends you can invite; the more friends you invite, the more carrots you earn.

2. Router Nitro: multiple retroactive airdrops

Router Nitro also offers retroactive core airdrops. Users who have made more than 8 cross-chain transactions on Li.Fi, Bungee, Stargate and Across (minimum transaction value over $50) between January 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023 are eligible for an airdrop of 3,000 carrots.

An airdrop is also available to users of the Router Protocol testnet tools (Nitro, TExchange, Rabbit Rush, Ping Pong, The Sandbox and those who have minted the “Mandara” NFT). Users of the Voyager mainnet, wallets registered on Router Nitro in preview and those who have been active on the Router Nitro mainnet since its launch will also be eligible.

Note that each user will need to perform an additional transaction on Router Nitro (after the rewards module has been launched) to claim their carrot airdrop.

List of Router Nitro's various retroactive airdrops

List of Router Nitro’s various retroactive airdrops

3. How to accumulate more carrots

On Router Nitro, new users receive carrots for their first transaction (the minimum transaction value must be over $100). This amount has been decreasing over time since January 25, 2024, the bridge’s launch date. The current reward is 250 carrots.

Please note that “One-time Participation Carrots” are only available for the first few months following the launch of the reward system, and can be withdrawn at a later date.

Transaction Carrots” are carrots awarded according to the dollar value of each transaction. For example, if a user has carried out a transaction worth $100 or less on Router Nitro, they will receive 10 carrots as a reward for their activity.

The referral system is very simple. After your first transaction, you’ll get a referral link to share with your friends. You’ll earn 50% of the carrots your referral earns after his or her first transaction, as well as 20% of the carrots of your referral’s first 10 transactions.

Conclusion on Router Protocol’s airdrop

Router Protocol is a versatile, high-performance solution for interoperability. With Router Nitro, it enables users to easily transfer assets between different blockchains.

Router Nitro is a bridge based on Router Protocol’s “Router’s Cross-chain Intent Framework”. It is cross-chain and offers transactions that are 60% more profitable than traditional bridges, without compromising security or transaction speed. Its compatibility with a wide range of EVM and non-EVM blockchains reinforces its position as a comprehensive and accessible cross-chain bridge.

Router Protocol and Router Nitro airdrop information may change in the future. Be sure to follow Router’s official social networks to stay up to date with the latest protocol developments.

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