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Reunit wallet unveils its Trade to Earn initiative: get tokens as a reward for trading

by Tim

The Reunit omni-chain wallet introduces a Trade to Earn system that rewards all users with REUNI tokens when trading. What are the rewards? What are the terms and conditions?

Earn REUNI tokens with Trade to Earn

What if it were possible to simultaneously trade cryptocurrencies from different blockchains in a single transaction? That’s what Reunit proposes, an omni-chain wallet created by a developer who contributed to SushiSwap, LayerZero and Stargate Finance.

Available as a browser extension, the Reunit wallet now boasts a rewards program based on trading volume, in addition to all its other features.

With the aim of attracting new users and boosting trading activity on its integrated terminal, Reunit is now rewarding traders.

Thus, when a user generates $100 in volume via Reunit, he or she will receive 1 REUNI token, worth around $1.20 at the time of writing.

In addition, new users who download Reunit from a referral link will receive a 25% bonus to their rewards. In this way, users will no longer receive 1 REUNI but 1.25 REUNI when they have generated $100 in volume.

Preview of Reunit's trading terminal, compatible with 7 blockchains

Preview of Reunit’s trading terminal, compatible with 7 blockchains

By sharing their referral code, users will also benefit from a 25% surcharge on the rewards earned by traders they have referred.

In the near future, Reunit plans to introduce a staking function for REUNI tokens. Holders of REUNI tokens who place them in staking will share 50% of the fees generated by all transactions carried out via Reunit.

Before this feature is implemented, Reunit offers its users the opportunity to earn REUNI tokens via its Trade to Earn program, which can then be staked to generate long-term returns.

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