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Photoshop montage and fake Bitcoin mining site? Tether contradicts rumours

by Tim

As Tether prepares to open Bitcoin (BTC) mining sites, some in the community have raised doubts about the existence of these sites. Paolo Ardoino, the company’s chief technology officer, has clarified these rumours.

Paolo Ardoino denies rumours surrounding Tether’s mining site

Earlier this week, Paolo Ardoino, Tether’s CTO, shared a tweet to attest to the progress of work on a Bitcoin (BTC) mining site for the Tether energy arm:

Nevertheless, a number of criticisms have emerged in the wake of this tweet, particularly concerning the use of Photoshop image processing software. A number of users speculated that it was all fake.

Faced with these comments, Paolo Ardoino published a long message on Saturday, taking up one by one the main questions raised by the community:

In this case, although the Tether logos have indeed been added, the photo is real, and shows a control room at one of the Bitcoin mining sites. As a result, the interested party has clearly assumed responsibility for the montage, indicating that the addition was essentially due to marketing reasons:

“So why was the logo added? We thought that the photo would have been shared in the newspapers, so the team wanted to highlight it. And in fact, that’s exactly what happened. Also, putting huge Tether logos wouldn’t be great from the point of view of the physical privacy of the site. “

Exact location kept confidential

In the same way that the mining site will not have large logos plastered across its facilities, Paolo Ardoino has not revealed the exact locations of the various sites. This choice was motivated by a need to protect staff from the company’s detractors:

“We’ve decided to keep the site secret.

“We tend not to share exact locations to avoid staff harassment, a valid concern given the number of Tether-obsessed haters. “

As such, the interested party has only clarified that the location in question is in Latin America. If we refer to previous communications from Tether, the country could be Uruguay, according to an announcement last May. It should also be noted that last June, the issuer of the stablecoin USDT took part in a fundraiser by Volcano Energy, for mining in El Salvador.

While the exact date on which production will start has not yet been announced, it has been stated that it will begin “in the next few weeks”.

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