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LayerZero airdrop: cheaters will be penalized, but can make up for it – How?

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While the snapshot for the LayerZero airdrop was taken last week, the protocol has unveiled rules to guard against cheaters. However, cheaters have a chance to make up for it by turning themselves in, so as to still receive a share of their allocation. What about


LayerZero hunts cheaters for its airdrop

LayerZero’s ZRO token airdrop is one of the most eagerly awaited of 2024, and since the snapshot was announced a few days ago, it’s now just a matter of weeks :

Nevertheless, the protocol teams have taken a number of steps to protect themselves against Sybil addresses, which create fictitious volumes for the sole purpose of making themselves eligible.

Several rules have been defined to characterize or name a Sybil address:

  • A single entity controlling several tens to thousands of addresses;
  • The creation of a non-fungible token (NFT) without value to move it across several blockchains;
  • The misuse of so-called “sybil farm” protocols such as Merkly, L2Pass or L2Marathon;
  • The fact of having clamped dusts like $0.01 just to reach certain networks.

As is often the case with such announcements, this didn’t fail to provoke a reaction from the community, with some worrying, for example, that they’d be seen as Sybil, simply for interacting with “worthless” NFTs.

In reality, it’s more subtle than that, as LayerZero CEO Bryan Pellegrino pointed out. And for good reason, one phrase in the ad is significant: “if you think you’re a Sybil, you’re probably a Sybil”.

By this, we mean that a person who has interacted legitimately with LayerZero on numerous occasions, but has only made a few transactions on the protocols mentioned to test them, should normally be eligible.

How do you make up for it if you know you’ve cheated?

In addition to these measures, the LayerZero teams have provided a kind of second chance for Sybil. Anyone who is aware that they have cheated to make themselves eligible for the ZRO airdrop can self-report in order to receive 15% of the allowance to which they would have been entitled under normal conditions.

This must be done by signing a transaction on a dedicated page before May 17.

Conversely, bounty hunters can also be rewarded if they identify a Sybil address. Provided a detailed report is submitted and the person at fault has not come forward, the said bounty hunter will receive 10% of the cheater’s allowance, while the cheater will receive nothing at all.

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