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Inspect: turn X into a Web3 social network to enhance your cryptocurrency experience

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Discover Inspect, a platform that completely rethinks the experience of cryptocurrency and non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts on the X social network. With an array of tools developed for the blockchain ecosystem, Inspect turns X into a Web3 social network where relevant information is just a click away. Explore the many facets of Inspect, from its features already available to its roadmap planned for 2024.

Inspect, an advanced trading ecosystem for X

Since its inception, the cryptocurrency world has been in perpetual evolution. It is marked by high asset price volatility and growing technological complexity. Due to its rapid expansion, it is increasingly difficult to differentiate important information from useless information, also known as “noise”.

This noise can easily overwhelm investors, who come to lose themselves in a sea of information that can take them in the wrong direction.

The cryptocurrency market is frequently exposed to manipulation and “pump and dump” strategies, making the search for serious, promising projects particularly complicated for investors.

Although blockchain has the capabilities to revolutionize many industries, companies and communities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem are often guided by overambitious dreams, they can be misled by insecure or malicious projects.

So it’s crucial for investors to systematically check the sources of the information they consult. It’s also important to know how to identify the fallacious arguments and misleading rhetoric that some cryptocurrency market players may be propagating.

To navigate these choppy waters with greater ease, investors need to be vigilant and rely on the most reliable and transparent tools available. It’s against this backdrop that Inspect was born, an array of tools designed to make X a truly Web3 platform.

Used by over 50,000 monthly users, and in partnership with key ecosystem players such as Moonpay, Magic Eden, Avalanche, Polygon, Near, and others, Inspect aims to become the compass for cryptocurrency investors.

This suite of tools aims to help them navigate their way through the ocean of information, offering an innovative and informed approach to cryptocurrency trading.

The many tools Inspect offers

Inspect is a platform and browser extension that functions as a second layer of the X social network. Inspect has been designed to act as a filter and barrier to bad information on X, a social network widely used by Web3 enthusiasts. In a way, Inspect turns X into a Web3 social network, enabling users to focus on in-depth market analysis and insights into current trends.

The browser extension enables fluid, enriched navigation on the X network, offering direct, real-time access to information on crypto-assets and non-fungible tokens (NFT). The special feature of this extension lies in its subtle integration with content published on X.

For example, the browser extension adds an “@” button in the top right-hand corner of a post mentioning an NFT, offering direct access to detailed information on the relevant NFT collection. In addition, a button featuring the logo of the blockchain associated with the NFT appears at the bottom right of the image.

This provides access to comprehensive information on the NFT, including its characteristics, details of its sale, other community members who own an NFT from the collection, and information relating to the entire collection.

This feature is compatible with over 16 million NFTs on various networks such as Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL), Polygon (POL), and Avalanche (AVAX).

An additional button, entitled “Community”, is visible on the X profiles of collections. This feature facilitates the connection between the community and NFT’s collections, while providing access to a variety of relevant information. These include details of collections created, the minimum price of an NFT, the number of copies in circulation, the number of holders, as well as the total volume associated with the collection.

The same “Community” button, which is also present on cryptocurrency X profiles, offers access to a range of key information. This feature centralizes details on the cryptocurrency concerned, including its current price, recent price fluctuations and trading volumes. In addition, a dedicated section brings together the latest news relating to that crypto-currency, making it easy to monitor and analyze market trends.

Inspect’s web-based platform offers an innovative and detailed approach to real-time market analysis. By connecting to the web application’s dashboard, users can obtain a complete view of the market, benefiting from a deeper understanding of the trends and dynamics at play.

What makes the platform a complementary tool is its statistical data, which is not commonly available on other platforms thanks to data harvested from blockchain and X.

Inspect evaluates the most followed influencers in terms of follower numbers with “Influence Rank”, a ranking that measures an influencer’s popularity with the popularity of their followers. At the same time, the impact of their publications is measured by the “Global Reach”, another ranking that estimates the proportion of the NFT community reached by their posts.

For NFT projects, Inspect offers a similar analysis. Project accounts are classified by blockchain, price floor, number of accounts using an NFT from the collection as a profile picture, and “Community Reach”, which measures the impact of the project’s publications on the community of NFT investors.

The Inspect web platform also features a detailed calendar of upcoming “mints” (NFT creations), including information such as the minimum launch price, the total offer envisaged, the number of giveaways organized, as well as the share of the community reached by the collection’s publications.

This feature is complemented by a section highlighting the profiles of the platform’s 1,000 most influential users who have recently talked about these mints on X. This offers a glimpse of the interest and enthusiasm these events generate within the community, crucial elements to know before taking part in the mint of a new collection

To further enhance the user experience, INSPECT plans to launch a mobile application before the 3rd quarter of 2024. This will facilitate access to information and interaction with the platform, making analysis of the NFT market even more accessible and intuitive.

To get started with Inspect’s tools, the process is designed to be simple and user-friendly, so that even the least experienced traders can easily integrate them into their daily routine. The first step is to install the Inspect extension in your browser.

Once the extension is installed, access to the Inspect dashboard is via the platform’s website. On this site, you can also create your personal account, which will enable you to personalize and optimize your experience.

What can we expect from Inspect in 2024?

Inspect plans to go beyond its current tools, with a roadmap broken down into several stages:

  • Q4 2023: Introduction of the “Listing Protocol”, designed to simplify the listing of tokens and NFTs on the platform, as well as “Inspect Ads”, a platform dedicated to targeted advertising;
  • Q1 2024: Launch of “Inspect Pro”, offering premium features for an in-depth experience;
  • Q2 2024: Introduction of “Inspect Groups” to encourage engagement and collaboration within the community, and “Inspect Transact”, a service facilitating the purchase of crypto-assets without leaving X;
  • Q3 2024: Launch of Inspect’s mobile app, broadening the access and practicality of its services.

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