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France: Deblock raises €12 million and launches its account accepting euros and cryptocurrencies

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French startup Deblock officially launches its app combining traditional banking services and cryptocurrencies. By allowing users to manage their money and cryptos from a single account, Deblock aims to offer a complete solution for everyday transactions, from paying for a coffee to buying a car or paying the rent. Find out more about this innovative offer

Deblock officially launches its offer combining finance and cryptocurrencies

French startup Deblock announces the official launch of its app at the crossroads of conventional banking and cryptocurrency. At a time when more than one in two French people have little or no confidence in the financial system, Deblock aims to revolutionize the sector by offering its customers the possibility of being masters of both their money and their cryptos.

Effectively, Deblock allows anyone to unify their financial assets in one place, all with the ability to settle their day-to-day transactions in both euros and cryptocurrencies with total control over their assets.

Pay for a coffee, receive your salary, buy a car, pay your rent, make a transfer… Deblock offers the possibility of carrying out all the usual financial operations from a single account.

Concretely, Deblock provides its users with an account with a French IBAN, the possibility of making instant transfers, payment cards, but it also offers the possibility of depositing, withdrawing or converting cryptocurrencies into euros and vice versa.

If Deblock customers are masters of their money, it’s because the heart of the application lies in a self-managed wallet system to which Deblock itself has no access. As a result, users’ cryptocurrencies enjoy maximum security.

12 million euros to conquer the market

To launch its product in the best possible conditions, Deblock has successfully finalized a €12 million fundraising round with the participation of venture capital firms such as Hoxton Ventures, Headline, 20VC and Motier Ventures, as well as leading business angels including Thomas France (founder of Ledger), Jonathan Levin (founder of Chainalysis) and the American group The Chainsmokers.

Our investment thesis can be summed up in 3 points: the team, the product and the distribution – with Deblock, these boxes were immediately ticked. This is the best fintech/crypto team in Europe, with unparalleled speed of execution. Add to that a $1.7 trillion industry that has yet to find a solution that allows consumers to spend their crypto beyond buying a cup of coffee, and 20VC is delighted to have co-lead this round and be part of building Europe’s next unicorn.

Kieran Hill, 20VC

Thanks to this fund-raising and the support of its experienced employees, Deblock clearly aims to position itself as a leader in fintech.

Deblock was born of the ambitions of 3 former Revolut neobank employees, Jean Meyer, Adriana Restrepo and Aaron Beck, and Mario Eguiluz, former Director of Engineering at Ledger. Today, Deblock has 35 employees, including Claire Balva, who benefits from over 8 years’ experience in the blockchain and crypto ecosystem thanks in particular to her position as a director at KPMG.

In November 2023, Deblock became the first Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) to obtain its Electronic Money Establishment (EME) license from the Banque de France.

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