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Feel Mining: invest wisely in Bitcoin (BTC) mining in anticipation of halving

by Patricia

With the imminent arrival of the next Bitcoin halving, it’s essential that BTC miners have access to mining solutions with competitive energy costs. To this end, French company Feel Mining has just unveiled new Bitcoin mining opportunities in the United Arab Emirates at attractive prices.

Feel Mining unveils new Bitcoin mining solution

Feel Mining, a leading player in the cryptocurrency mining sector in France, lifts the veil on a new offering aimed at future or current Bitcoin miners.

The company, which specializes in crypto mining and DeFi staking solutions, has just finalized the construction of a building with around 1,000 mining machines in the United Arab Emirates. This new complex totals 3 MW of power, and has already found an owner for almost every one of its mining ASICs.

This new infrastructure enables Feel Mining to offer an almost unbeatable tariff of €0.029/kWh on its new mining machines, which has already motivated many miners to switch to its solution. But Feel Mining has no intention of stopping there, and plans to launch 4 new equivalent infrastructures in the course of 2024.

For this new offer, Feel Mining is proposing the purchase and hosting of 86 TH/s Antminer S19 machines, as other models are not yet eligible for these new infrastructures.

This means that Feel Mining takes care of the maintenance of your equipment, and you own it outright. What’s more, should you wish to recover your mining ASIC, Feel Mining will return your machine to you, subject to certain conditions being met

Green, economical energy

Feel Mining’s facilities are located in the heart of the Al Dhafra desert, not far from Abu Dhabi and close to the world’s largest photovoltaic power plant.

With a capacity of over 2 gigawatts, this solar power plant deploys more than 4 million two-sided photovoltaic solar panels over an area of 21 km2.

Due to the climatic conditions of the region, characterized by high temperatures and persistent humidity in summer, the machines are periodically taken out of service and are therefore operational 10 months out of 12.

This planned period of inactivity offers the local team the opportunity to carry out meticulous maintenance on the ASICs, contributing to the overall good condition of the equipment fleet and infrastructure while you reap the returns offered by mining.

The rest of the year, despite the desert location, stable temperatures fluctuate between 25 and 35°C, allowing for perfectly normal operation, in line with the recommendations of ASIC manufacturer Bitmain.

Overview of some 4 million photovoltaic panels near the Feel Mining complex

Overview of some 4 million photovoltaic panels near the Feel Mining complex

To remain competitive, it is essential for miners to have access to mining solutions offering the lowest possible energy costs. Indeed, in this industry, the price per kilowatt-hour has a direct impact on the added value generated by Bitcoin miners.

This is why Feel Mining’s new solution is so advantageous. Compared with other geographical locations offered by the company, the rate of €0.029 /kWh proves to be the best offer by far.

If you’d like to purchase a mining machine today, and take advantage of attractive fees in anticipation of the next halving, we invite you to visit Feel Mining’s dedicated page.

Finally, you should know that Feel Mining is a PSAN registered company and is recognized as an Agent Prestataire de Services de Paiement (PSP) by the Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR), 2 important guarantees that testify to the seriousness of the company and the security with which its customers’ assets are handled.

In particular, registration as a PSAN enables Feel Mining to offer a dedicated cryptocurrency application alongside its mining business. In this way, the firm ensures a presence in several verticals and enables its customers not only to buy and pay in cryptos, but also to store them, all with an associated bank account.

If you’d like to find out more about Feel Mining’s crypto mining ancillary services, you’ll find all the information you need in their documentation.

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