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Dogecoin: SpaceX’s “DOGE-1” lunar mission is scheduled for next November

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The DOGE in space: this was the SpaceX project announced by Elon Musk in 2021. Financed by Dogecoin, the rocket will launch a lunar satellite and its launch is approaching according to several sources

DOGE-1 mission to be launched next November?

Although Elon Musk has been more discreet when it comes to Dogecoin (DOGE) in recent months, the project launched two years ago has taken its course.

The idea was to use memecoin to fund a lunar mission and put an analysis satellite into orbit. The initiative was symbolic: in particular, it introduced the cryptocurrency as a “unit of account for lunar activities in the space sector”.

SpaceX launching satellite Doge-1 to the moon next year

– Mission paid for in Doge
– 1st crypto in space
– 1st meme in space

To the mooooonnn!!https://t.co/xXfjGZVeUW

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 9, 2021

Initially scheduled for 2022, the launch was postponed due to delays affecting Space X’s Nova-C mission. But according to sources quoted by Bitcoin Sistemi and BitFinanzas, we now know more about the launch of DOGE-1. It is expected to take place between 15 and 20 November.

Developed in collaboration with Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), the mission will place a cubesat-type satellite in orbit around the moon to collect lunar and space data. Although Elon Musk refers to it as “the first crypto in space”, it is in fact a classic data-gathering mission, linked to DOGE only by its name and funding.

DOGE share price in range since start of month

The DOGE price reacted briefly to the news, rising above $0.077. Since the beginning of August, however, the cryptocurrency has been trading in a range between $0.071 and $0.077, with little mobility:

The DOGE price has moved little since the beginning of August

The DOGE price has moved little since the beginning of August

For his part, Elon Musk is less vocal than usual when it comes to cryptocurrency. But his links with memecoin remain present… Even if discreetly. In July, the price of DOGE shot up when rumours circulated about a possible link between the cryptocurrency and X (formerly Twitter).

So be careful, especially as the DOGE price, like all the others, is experiencing a bear market. Over one year, its price has moved very little, falling by 3%. It’s also worth noting that while the Dogecoin price is not currently volatile, Elon Musk’s moods are. It’s worth bearing in mind that the billionaire has no official link with the cryptocurrency, which he merely promotes.

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