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Binance Launchpad: how to participate in the launch of Open Campus’ EDU token

by Patricia

Binance has announced the 31st Launchpad of its platform: Open Campus and its EDU token. Let’s see how you can participate in this launch, for this protocol that aims to bring a Web3 dimension to the world of education

Open Campus (EDU) is coming to the Binance Launchpad

Today, Binance announced its 31st Launchpad with the Open Campus project and its EDU token:

Thus, investors holding BNBs in their Binance account will be able to participate in acquiring this new token at a preferential price, for a quantity calculated on a pro rata basis of their holdings in comparison to other participants.

How to participate in the Launchpad

Simply holding NBBs in your Binance account during this holding calculation period, which runs from April 23 at 2am Paris time until April 28 at 2am, is sufficient to qualify for the Open Campus Launchpad.

Each day, a snapshot will be taken in order to establish an average of the NBBs held within the different products of the platform, which will determine the quantity of EDUs that can be purchased.

If a user is eligible to buy 20 dollars worth of EDUs, he or she will be able to lock in an equivalent amount of BNBs from 8am on 28 April. They will then have a 3 hour window to do this:

Timeline of Open Campus Launchpad on Binance

Timeline of Open Campus Launchpad on Binance

EDU tokens will be sold for $0.05 each, and these will be distributed on April 28 at noon after the conversion of the locked BNB portion.

While launchpads are generally an opportunity to generate a premium, there are at least two parameters that should be considered before participating. Firstly, when the official listing opens, there is nothing to prevent the EDU price from falling below its initial price of $0.05. Secondly, if an investor needs to acquire the EDU, the price of the EDU may be too low.

Secondly, if an investor is to acquire NBBs specifically for this transaction, they should bear in mind that a possible devaluation of the asset price may affect the potential profitability of this Launchpad.

What is the Open Campus Project (EDU)?

Open Campus is a web3 education protocol that aims to better compensate teachers and content creators through royalties paid for their courses.

One example of its use is the integration of this protocol by the educational platform for children TinyTap. The latter allows the creation of games without coding, which can then be monetised, such as through the sale of royalties in the form of NFT.

The EDU will act as a governance token, but can also be used as a means of payment in applications based on the Open Campus protocol. Of course, participants in the Binance Launchpad will be free to keep their EDU allocation, or to sell it as soon as the listing opens.

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