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Binance introduces Bicasso: artificial intelligence to create NFT illustrations

by Patricia

While artificial intelligence is still in the news at the beginning of the year, Binance is contributing with Bicasso. This AI will allow to generate NFT illustrations with a fully customisable rendering

Binance unveils its AI called Bicasso

Cryptocurrency platform Binance today unveiled its artificial intelligence (AI) named Bicasso:

While the huge popularity of OpenAI’s GPT-3 chatbot seems to have made many people suddenly realise what a tool various AIs could be, Binance is building on this trend with its latest addition. Bicasso will allow the creation of illustrations in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT), via the Binance NFT platform.

Two possibilities will allow this AI to create customisable illustrations: importing existing images and the prompt. A prompt is a short text in which instructions are given for the artificial intelligence to carry out what you want it to do.

According to Binance, the rendering can be controlled according to the user’s taste, whether it be the style, the era or the colours of the image, as shown in the following examples:

Example of possibilities offered by Binance's Bicasso AI

Example of possibilities offered by Binance’s Bicasso AI

A first test launch

Bicasso will be available on Binance NFT from Wednesday 1 March at 2pm. However, not everyone will have immediate access. For the time being, places are limited to 10,000 users for testing purposes, before a full roll-out. These places will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis.

Moreover, Binance warns that there will still be some fine-tuning to be done, before having a fully functional AI:

However, it is important to note that Bicasso is still in the development phase. And while the AI technology is quite impressive, it is not yet perfect. So some results may not be quite what you expected. So be prepared to be a little amused by the sometimes offbeat results of AI technology. “

Incidentally, Bicasso will initially only support prompts written in English.

Despite the current fad amplified by social networks, the fact that artificial intelligence is already well established in our daily lives is a reality. Moreover, its growth is likely to follow an exponential curve in the years to come, as technology develops.

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