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Alyra School: your training at the heart of blockchain

by Thomas

You are an employee, a manager, self-employed or even looking for a job, and you want to obtain a certification to work in the blockchain sector? The French school Alyra offers distance learning courses with a flexible programme in order to become a real expert in this ecosystem, through a course punctuated by professionals and a certificate of competence at the end.

Alyra, the French school of blockchain

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, decentralization or Bitcoin (BTC): terms that most of you are probably familiar with, but which are taking an increasingly important place in the traditional system.

Beyond its speculative interest, notably via decentralised finance (DeFi), blockchain remains above all a technology. And a technology that is attracting increasing attention, far beyond the cryptocurrency ecosystem alone.

The demand from professionals for blockchain technology is only growing year on year, and the figures are unequivocal: according to the LinkedIn platform, job offers in this field increased by 395% in the United States from 2020 to 2021, where offers related to blockchain technology activities increased by 98% in the same period.

But France is not to be outdone, which is why it is home to a growing number of companies and unicorns specialising in blockchain, such as Ledger, Sorare, Bitstack and Acinq.

Aware of the challenges that blockchain now poses, Jérémy Wauquier, who has surrounded himself with enthusiasts from the field with a wealth of experience, founded the Alyra school in order to offer training in blockchain technology in a flexible and remote manner.

These courses are given by professionals with concrete experience in blockchain, and can be financed by a number of organisations, in particular via the training account (CPF) or Pôle Emploi.

Moreover, Alyra offers several payment solutions, and it is possible to spread the financing of the training over a certain period of time, or even to pay it in Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).

Also, following the chosen training, the student will have lifetime access to the latter as well as to its updates, but above all, he or she will have obtained a certificate issued by EvidenZ, a reference in the certification of blockchain professions.

The 3 courses offered by Alyra

Alyra, as the first French school specialized in blockchain, offers several training courses: blockchain consultant, blockchain developer or decentralized finance.

Following the training, the student must be able to define and propose the implementation of a fictitious blockchain innovation project and present a short thesis in front of an external jury from the blockchain ecosystem (mainly in France but not only) in order to validate their skills.

Let’s have a look at the 3 training courses currently offered by Alyra and the areas of expertise they cover

The blockchain consultant training

Whether you are a recent graduate, an entrepreneur, an executive, or if you simply want to become a leading professional in helping businesses transition to blockchain, then this training will suit you.

One of the advantages of this course is that it does not require any prior knowledge of the blockchain world, although it is quite possible to contact Alyra to get a refresher course before starting.

Throughout the course, the student will acquire the necessary knowledge to be able to respond to any issues they may encounter in their professional life.

The blockchain consultant training is very complete, as it allows the student to cover all the topics related to the ecosystem, starting with a one-week introductory module, then exploring the fundamentals, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to the protocols and networks allowed.

Also, as a blockchain consultant, it is necessary to know the use cases of blockchain, which is why modules on public blockchains, innovations and market solutions are also on the agenda.

At the end of this training, the graduate will be able, in summary, to manage a blockchain innovation project within an organisation and to support its development.

Finally, it should be noted that this is not a simple course to be read online, but rather an evolving and lively support. New content is added every week of the course and participatory conferences are held every Thursday with professionals from the sector, so that learners can “touch” real projects.

  • Total duration of the course: 12 weeks;
  • Training hours: 96 hours, i.e. 8 hours/week;
  • Training cost: €3996.40.

The blockchain developer training

Focusing on the technical aspect of blockchain, the developer training takes place over 12 weeks and is aimed at people who already have a good grounding in computer development.

Indeed, this training is structured to allow people who are already developers to learn to master the entire technical stack of Web3 development, from the creation of smart contracts on Ethereum to the implementation of a complete decentralized application (dApp), respecting good security and CI/CD practices.

At the beginning of the school year, the learner will meet his class and work with them for 12 weeks. The lives every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening will punctuate the week, complemented by an online learning platform that will allow the student to ask questions to the trainers.

The lives are available for replay the next day to review the concepts covered or to catch up on a missed live.

The regular provision of new content, discussion with experts and professionals in the field, but also the testing via regular practice, will make the learning experience as rich as it is rewarding and valued.

The blockchain developer will be able, at the end of the training, to explain in detail what blockchain technology is, but above all to code and publish smart contracts after having acquired the various concepts relating to the Ethereum blockchain.

Here, the ultimate goal for the learner is to be able to deploy a decentralised application on Ethereum thanks to the interweaving of several smart contracts.

The student will be able to master development tools such as Truffle, a reference in the writing and testing of smart contracts, or the Hardhat development environment structured around the Solidity language.

  • Total duration of the course: 12 weeks ;
  • Training hours: 120 hours, i.e. 10 hours/week;
  • Training cost: €3996.40.

Decentralised Finance Training (DeFi)

Open to all without any basic skills required, the training dedicated to decentralised finance allows learners to grasp the opportunities of the various protocols present on blockchains, by mixing both theory and practice.

The courses allow students to take a tour of DeFi by exploring from A to Z what it is and what it implies: the challenges of decentralisation, the logic of the protocols, the disruptive mechanisms of DeFi vis-à-vis traditional finance, crypto credit cards, etc.

Always with a view to going beyond mere theory and putting students’ knowledge into practice, Alyra’s DeFi training also enables learners to familiarise themselves with the fundamentals of yield farming, lending, borrowing, GameFi and decentralised wallets.

This self-help programme allows the learner to interact with the Alyra community via various rooms on the platform. In addition, a trainer is available throughout the training to answer any problems that may be encountered.

After successfully completing the training, the learner will be able to optimize the cash management of a company and develop an innovative activity centered on blockchain, all after having assimilated all the knowledge related to decentralized finance.

  • Total duration of the course: 12 weeks;
  • Training hours: 96 hours, i.e. 8 hours/week;
  • Training cost: €3996.40.

How to finance your Alyra training

With a training cost of around €4,000, the Alyra school offers several types of financing, depending on the professional status of the student.

Note that for all the professional statuses listed below, it is possible to use the balance of your training account (CPF) to finance your training. You can also find the blockchain consultant, Ethereum blockchain developer and decentralised finance training directly on the CPF website.

For the 3 situations mentioned below, it is also possible to pay for the entire financing with your own funds or directly in cryptocurrencies (BTC or ETH).

Otherwise, here are the possibilities for each status:

  • Employee: possibility of financing the chosen training via an OPérateur de COmpétences (OPCO);
  • Jobseeker: possibility of having the chosen training financed by Pôle emploi after acceptance of the application submitted, in which case it is necessary to make an appointment with an advisor and to testify to the seriousness of the approach. It is also possible to have the training financed via regional aid;
  • Freelance: no specific aid (apart from CPF).

Note that if you manage to obtain a promise of employment from a company, the training of your choice can be fully covered via an Individual Operational Preparation for Employment (POEI) or via the AIRE of the Île-de-France Region. If you need help with this, please contact Alyra who will be able to help you with the necessary procedures.

Our review of Alyra

In a period where crypto-currencies and more broadly blockchain technology are taking an absolutely considerable place in the markets and companies, positions related to these environments are growing significantly.

Thus, it can be particularly interesting to obtain a certification for blockchain, either to find a job or to be able to accompany your company so that it is able to benefit from the technologies that it includes.

We will appreciate Alyra’s flexibility, its course punctuated by live interventions from professionals, the lifetime access to constantly updated training, as well as the possibility of financing its training, notably via the CPF.

Victim of its success, the next training session to become a blockchain developer is already full for this year, but it is still possible to register for the next blockchain consultant session, or for the one concerning DeFi. This set of sessions, called “Rinkeby”, will start on 26 September 2022.

In order to present its programmes in more detail, Alyra is organising a free webinar on Monday 20 June at 6.30 pm, but also to provide information on the blockchain professions, such as salary possibilities, the state of employment in this field and its future, etc. You can already register if you wish to attend. Another session will take place on Wednesday 13 July.

Alyra is also organising dedicated webinars according to the pathway, scheduled for 28 July and the end of August / beginning of September. To find out the dates of the next webinars, we invite you to follow Alyra on its various social networks.

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